Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Clockwatching with my boy

My boy loves clocks.

Horniman Musuem clock
Partly this is genetic - when Hubbie was a boy mother-in-law could leave him in the clock department of John Lewis and do her shopping unhindered. He was captivated by clocks (and still is) and when my boy was younger it became clear he is the same.

We have clocks (and radios) in every room in the house. My boy has an obsession with clock towers, church clocks, grandfather clocks, any kind of clock really. He calls the hands of a clock propellors instead of hands and has more watches than any 3 year old I know. 

Every time we take the train into London to go to a museum he sees the palace of Westminster from the window and he always points out the London Eye and Big Ben. Last week when I asked if he wanted to go and see Big Ben up close, he was beyond excited. 

We travelled by tram, overground, underground and bus - he also loves public transport - and dropped in on my Mum at her work and my friend SJ who is lucky enough to work right next to Big Ben. Despite all the hustle and bustle of tourists my boy was delighted to get a proper look at his favourite clock.

As you can see :)
Big Ben and Toddler
Yes he really is this big :)

This post is sharing the joy with MummyNeverSleeps' linky #AlltheSmallThings :)

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  1. I love that he calls them propellers rather than hands - makes much more sense!

  2. Such a happy face and well done for getting the clock and the smile both in the same shot, I've tried that before and failed! Happy clock watching!

  3. Oh what a sweetheart! And such a happy face! If only we could bottle that child-like joy for the things we totally take for granted. Thanks so much for sharing and joining in xx

  4. I love Big Ben too, there's something so impressive about it. What a fun day out for him too!