Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Teddy bear bowling (patent pending)

I took the boy to visit my parents last week. He loves it there as he has lots of toys, plenty of grown ups who adore him and spoil him and he is the centre of attention the entire time he's there.

When he was there this time he invented a new game - we were going to call it Ten Bear Bowling, but getting four bears to sit up was difficult enough, so it's called Teddy Bear Bowling.
Aim for the middle
Knock down the bears
And go back for the rest
It's not exactly skilful, but it did keep him from wrecking the house and he loved watching Tellytubbies and Zippy fall over as he threw a football at them. I told you it's not skilful.

We may need to work on the finer points of the game - like ensuring all the bears are similar sizes maybe, but the squeals of laughter and excited attempts to knock them all over were just priceless :)

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Disclosure: No bears were harmed in the making of this post :)


  1. Haha excellent idea! I love the little games they think up, they're utterly ridiculous, but so much fun :) Thanks so much for joining in you total star x

    1. His imagination is on fire right now - I love his loony ideas.
      You're very welcome love - I look forward to a cheery Tuesday linky xx

  2. We love games like this that just invent themselves tonight we played 'coconut shy' in the bath by throwing wet flannels at the bubble bath bottle :)

  3. We were given some soft skittles when the Cheetah Keeper was born (in the hope of entertaining his sister) and we still play with them - and add more bears to the ranks too. Such a good game

  4. That sounds like a great game. My little boy will love the idea of beating up the teddies with balls ha. He is so cute xx #allthesmallthings

  5. Adults would never think up a game like that on their own. I actually want to play that game right now :)