Tuesday 18 March 2014

Here comes the sun :)

During the week we tend to have quite workaday breakfasts as Hubbie eats before we get up and the boy has something to eat before he goes to nursery. I tend to do the same few things; toast, porridge the occasional yoghurt, and at the moment hot cross buns are on offer too. At the weekend, however, I go big on breakfast and make sure the boys have something special. I often get in croissants or waffles and pancakes are a real favourite too.

This weekend I decided to add a little extra razzmatazz to the pancake and fruit combo that we have been rocking for so long now. I decided that we'd have a happy sunshine face for the boy and random animals for Hubbie.
Good morning sunshine for my boy
My boy beamed and scoffed his happily while Hubbie was delighted - not least as we took his breakfast to him in bed - I know, I'm good.
Non-specific animals for Hubbie :) 
I love it when a pancake plan comes together :)

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