Wednesday 31 July 2013

Crazy stuff that's happened in the last week

I've had a strange few days. I've got some pretty horrific mozzie bites on my back because I am so special that I get bitten even when I don't go on holiday !! To make myself feel better I decided to flick through the photos I've taken in the last week as I'm a bit of a magpie for images and am always keen to capture interesting things I've seen or done. So in order to cheer myself up I've compiled a photo diary for the week I've just had:
  • Me and the boy went to visit the new Morrisons at Fiveways Corner in Purley. It's not my usual store, but I was fascinated to hear that it's apparently an 'innovation store' which explains this:
cold mist on vegetables

It's a mist that's sprayed over the vegetables to keep them fresh in store. I know, how mad is that ?
  • During this shopping trip I decided to treat the boy to microchips and he chose a small baguette for lunch. While I was in the kitchen getting him a drink he made this:
A small chip buttie

Yes that's right, he made his first proper chip buttie. That's my boy !

  • The boy was looking at one of his books in bed. It is a book that has concentric circles telling the story of the Old Lady who swallowed a fly. He took two of the circles and made this: 
Cardboard discs made to look like a planet

When I asked him what it was he said, "it's a planet Mummy." My eyes were was as wide as the circles and I called Hubbie to confirm that he hadn't taught the boy this. We are both still baffled (and yes very, very proud).
  • Possibly the most exciting thing that happened was when I took the bus home from work this week. 
If you recall the TV show CHiPs you will recall the actor Erik Estrada who played Officer Poncharello.  Now look closely at the driver of this bus.

Driver of bus in Croydon who looks like Erik Estrada

Yes !! It is Ponch from CHiPs !!! I am going to petition the bus company to rename his route the Croydon Highway Patrol.

Who's with me ?
  • Then today I saw the strangest thing of all. 

Firstly I should explain that I have a very good friend whose surname is Footman. I've known him for years and we chat most days on Twitter as he now lives in Thailand.

I was in Waitrose earlier today and as I was queuing up to pay I saw this out of the corner of my eye.

Front page of the Daily Mirror from 31st July 2013

Only when I saw all I could think was, "Who's Kate Footman ?" "Is she related to Tim ?""I didn't think Bangkok was that slummy." etc. See this is how highly I regard my friends - I don't see a job title I see my friend's name.

So that's my week in photos. Crazy or what ?

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