Wednesday 20 April 2016

Happy Days

It's been a lovely sunny day today and I've loved spending it with my boys. I started out with early morning yoga with my boys, met Hubbie for lunch then had some park fun with Baby Boy this afternoon and a swim with Big Boy this evening. It made me think about the special things that make us all feel happy.

It's no secret that my boys are big fans of fire engines and a visit to the fire station is still their best day out ever:

For me and Hubbie any chance to spend the day together is fun. Especially when Big Boy takes a photo of us together:

The boys love to do things just like Daddy so Baby Boy wants to use a computer and Big Boy is keen to learn to play guitar like Hubbie. They are such cute mini-mes:

The boys also have their own interests. For Big Boy it's his love of Lego and for Baby Boy it's his obsession with his Scuttlebug or as he calls it, "bike."

And never forgetting this guy. Neo loves sunbathing, purring and cuddles:

Finally there are the things I love. Well all of these guys - of course - and the special things they do for me. Like breakfast in bed:

And the things I do for myself, like yoga on a sunny morning:

Oh and this song:

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