Sunday, 14 December 2014

Glitter and sparkle and it's not even on the tree !!

I'm not a big fan of bling, but even I succumb at Christmas and seeing all the glamour and sequins around inspires me. I've been running around so much with constant updating of to do lists that I don't know which way is up, but I still found time to get some sparkle into life this week.

Shiny shiny red and glittery :) 
Firstly, I got my nails done. I went for a festive red with some glitzy glitter tips - let's see how long they last shall we ? 

Any tips on how to wrap the ears ? 

Then I spent an evening wrapping all the presents - adding bows and bling to make them look pretty.  Neo offered to help me, but it was all a bit too much for him so he decided to rest and almost got wrapped up himself ! 

My boys putting money into the wishing well
Finally tonight we did what has become a tradition for us at Christmas and went to look at the Christmas lights. There is one road near where we live that is known for having the most amazing displays outside the homes. Every year they run up what must be eye-watering power bills to provide spectacular themed light shows for the public.

Some stunning lights here
There is an element of competition among the houses and they do try and outdo each other every year. Our boy especially loves the ones with moving characters and tonight we saw a snowman tipping his hat, reindeer bowing their heads to 'feed' and Santa Claus waving his legs out of the chimney where he was stuck.

Can you imagine paying to run these lights ? 
Of course, they don't just do this to entertain, but also to raise funds for charity and we always take money with us to donate. As our boy said this afternoon, "let's put some money in and take a chocolate." You see, the lovely folks at number 7 leave out chocolates to thank people for donations, so for a special Sunday afternoon treat we took him to see the lights clutching some money to donate to Starlight and Great Ormond Street Hospital. What a lovely and inventive way to raise spirits and money at the same time.

Who says Croydon isn't beautiful ? 
Now, it's back to crazy planning and my work Christmas party this week - wish me luck !!

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