Monday 8 December 2014

Countdown to Christmas: Ice Skating with my boy

In the countdown to Christmas there is always the speculation about whether or not it will snow and if we will have a 'white Christmas.' I'm a big fan of snow and love skiing, even though I'm not that good at it. I also love ice skating, although I'm pretty ropey at that too. I really want my son to try all the things I love to do, so I booked for us to go together for a special Mummy and Boy day out. 

When me and Hubbie were first dating we went ice skating at the Natural History Museum one evening and we had a great time. It was Christmassy, it was romantic and atmospheric. We bought the photo and it was one of our early memories of Christmas together. I decided to take my boy to the Natural History Museum for his inaugural skate as they do a specific session for parents and toddlers and it's a place we love to go to anyway so I figured that even if he didn't enjoy the skating we'd be able to go and see the dinosaurs to cheer him up.

Boy and penguin in perfect harmony
Actually he did really well and didn't fall over once, but for some reason when he was telling Daddy later he said I fell over and he "brushed snow off Mummy's bottom" which is so not true, but I admire his ability to tell a story ! He had the assistance of a penguin helper and it was really great to see how quickly he gained confidence on his skates. Especially as there was a school party there at the same time and they were tumbling onto the ice all around us.

Yum, hot chocolate
Ooh snow !
The session we booked also included a hot chocolate for both of us, but I changed mine for a cup of tea in the lovely cafe upstairs. It really resembles a ski lodge, complete with cuckoo clocks that my boy loved. He insisted I take his photo with the clocks to show Daddy (who is obsessed with clocks).

Cuckoo !
Holiday season
We had such a lovely time and did have a look around the museum afterwards with a few trips up the long escalator that takes you into the centre of the Earth to look at volcanoes and earthquakes. Then on the bus on our way home we saw some Christmas lights. It really is starting to feel like Christmas isn't it ? 

Admiring Christmas lights

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  1. Looks like you had lots of fun! Great to have a dedicated parent and toddler skating session - and that penguin looks very handy... x

  2. This looks like a fabulous day it, it's great when your kids enjoy doing what you enjoy. It makes life just the tiniest bit easier. It really does look like a winter wonderland. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.