Saturday 15 June 2013

My boy loved the Pink Cadillac the best

Tomorrow is Fathers' day. In the last week a few things have cropped up that are relevant to this fact.
  • Firstly there was a news story about the 'lack of male role models' in the lives of some children in the UK. The story suggested that women raising children on their own and the paucity of male teachers and care givers is harming our children.
  • Then there was the usual Fathers for Justice stunt with a man arrested for defacing a portrait of the Queen. I have no idea if the campaigner was dressed as a superhero.
  • Finally a work colleague made some reference to Fathers' Day being a made up construct to sell cards and gifts as thought all the other 'Hallmark Holidays' are somehow more legitimate. 
I've said before that we love a celebration so any excuse for pressies or feasting will always go down well. In our family we do mark the day, usually with a card and small gift for mine and Hubbie's fathers and we do something special for Hubbie. (Of course there are also presents involved, but he's going to read this so I won't go into details).

This evening we went out for a pre-Fathers' Day meal at a fifties themed diner and a lot of other families seemed to be doing the same. It was as you'd expect with neon signs, a jukebox and frothy milkshakes in tall glasses. Hubbie and son loved it. We're hoping for good weather tomorrow so that we can go to a classic car show that both Hubbie and son will also love.

You see I think that it is important to recognise the importance of fathers and if that's with one day in the year that's fine. My son has a great relationship with Hubbie, he has male (and female) football coaches and there are also male staff at his nursery. I realise that isn't the case for all children and I also recognise that I am fortunate to have Hubbie who does as much childcare as I do - not everyone is that lucky.

The jukebox didn't have this on it so I'm playing it on here instead - just for Hubbie :o)

Happy Father's Day xxx

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