Sunday 10 March 2013

All you need is love, love...

A good friend of ours lost his mother last weekend under very sudden and tragic circumstances. Today must be terribly poignant and upsetting for him and his entire family and for so many other people. I have been thinking of them today and hoping that they have found peace on a day that can be difficult for so many. 

I've been very lucky to be spoiled by Hubbie and family today and am now flumped after a blissful day at a spa while the boy was spending time with my Mum. As a result I've been terribly lazy with this post and have compiled some random thoughts on being a Mum.

Red heart shaped dish with waffles, strawberries and sliced banana White cat, bouquet of cherry blossom and lillies in bed
  • I didn't put off having a baby to concentrate on my career. I concentrated on my career because I didn't have a baby 
  • I feel guilty about the three children we were asked to consider for adoption that we felt would be too overwhelming to take on. I still cry when I think they might have been split up 
  • I don't regret staying home with my son. I do, however, worry that I'm now 'unemployable' and useless
  • Being told on New Year's Day that I'm no good as a person has sent me into a spiral of self-loathing that I can't find a way out of 
  • I tell my boy every day that he is handsome and that I love him. I hope that he always believes me 
  • I give thanks for my loved ones every day. I don't know if they realise that, but I do
  • Being a parent is a gift me and Hubbie thought we'd never have - we are so very, very grateful  
Boy and Hubbie walking on the beach

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