Saturday, 4 February 2017

For the love of cats

It's been a while since I posted a gratuitous cat love post - I know if I'm not careful I'll get thrown off the internet ! In honour of my first four days of sugar free February (and no fatalities so far) here's a round up of feline fun:

Neo fell asleep on the sofa this evening so Brown Bear wrapped him up in a fluffy blanket, "like a baby."

Oh how Neo loves the animal bundle game (erm... no he doesn't actually):

Arty shot of the cat - can never have too many of these:

I asked Neo to help me tidy up the toy room - here's his contribution:

Then he stopped for a rest:

I have no idea why he's grooming Brown Bear, but this may explain why they are such great pals:

Moody atmospheric shot during the 'golden hour':

And lest we forget: 

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