Thursday 3 September 2015

Go to school - please - just go !!

I love my boys. No really I do. It's just that...

Well, you see...

Sometimes we dress up and role play doing housework - it passes the time and makes me smile.

Then at other times we go to a new park that has a climbing wall and I notice that Big Boy has grown so much lately. 

Or we all go to the fire station and the boys compete to see who can get to open the doors (they both got to do it)

Then the lovely mums at Big Boy's school gave Baby Boy a Scuttlebug and he's been loving it.

Neo has been finding it difficult with the boys around all the time so he has been finding new places to hide all day. This is my favourite - camouflaged by all the bears on Big Boy's bed. 

But, the thing is I have another week of them both being at home and...


I've had enough ! 

I'm sorry, I know this is a wonderful time and I'm so privileged to be able to spend it with my children and they grow up so quick, yada yada yada. 

What I am saying is...


Yes I'll miss them when Big Boy is at school and Baby Boy is at pre-school. Right now, though I just spend all day trying to wear them out. 

Today I took them swimming in the morning and then to the scooter park in the afternoon. I was exhausted and they were irritable by the time we got home for dinner. 

Of course by this time next week I'll be feeling bereft that they're not around all day. I'll also be able to access the internet during daylight hours, pop to the post office during the day and maybe even sneak an episode of Castle or Hawaii Five-0 when Baby Boy is napping.

At least I'll still be able to pop in to check on them at night and find Neo sleeping with Big Boy - which is just adorable.

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