Friday 3 October 2014

Total recall: my week in pictures :)

Saturday: Hubbie and I went to a party on a boat - of course we had to do our 'Titanic' pose - very convincing don't you think ?

Sunday: For unknown reasons got up and took part in a 3 hour aerobathon for the Royal Marsden Hospital. I was so incredibly hungover that I swear I was sweating prosecco !!

Monday: Hubbie pointed out what a gorgeous sky there was in the morning. It was like an inspirational poster and all that was missing was a cheesy message running across it.

Tuesday: Our boy celebrated his 4th birthday. As it was a school day we had a small celebration in the morning then when he got home from school he opened his presents and cut his cake - I'm sure you will recognise the theme immediately

Wednesday: In the early hours I found this image on Daily Mail online. Take a close look at the woman in the pink jacket to the left of Spandau Ballet - yes it's me !! 

Thursday: Went for a job interview - it was very difficult and I was so convinced I wasn't going to get it that I went for lunch with my lovely friend to commiserate. Then at 5.30 I got a call to offer me the job !! It's a policy advisor on race so this image seems entirely apt.

Friday: It's my lovely Mum's birthday, so we've spent it with my family celebrating, eating cake and enjoying the sunshine. Happy Days. 


  1. What a week! You must be exhausted and elated. Well done of so many fronts. From being the fab parent that you are to your little man of 4 (where does the time go!!!), getting his card on Cebbies (another HUGE and not to be underestimated achievement!), which you've glossed over, being in the Daily Mail and not having to be embarrassed about that and lastly but by no means leastly (if there is such a word!!) bagging the job that you so truly deserve. Just another week for super mum eh?!!! Well done you xx

  2. A week with lots of cake - sounds good to me x