Monday 3 February 2014

February is the month of chocolate :)

I love chocolate. I don't mean anything as naff as 'I'm a chocaholic' (to be consigned to the same vocabulary bin as the word 'shopaholic' thank you) I mean I have a basic need and desire for chocolate. The name of this blog is probably a big clue, so it may come as a surprise to learn that I had not eaten any chocolate this year until Saturday just gone. I set myself a challenge to stop eating chocolate for the whole of January and it was actually fine. I put away all the chocolate we got for Christmas. I rationed the mini chocolate fingers and the mini chocolate animal biscuits for my son and I asked Hubbie to eat chocolate in another room from me to avoid temptation.

Del Ugo chocolate dessert pasta I didn't even feel any pangs of longing, then two days before the end of my self-inflicted deprivation I started to really crave chocolate again. My boy was talking to our lovely neighbour last Tuesday evening and he told her that 'Mummy loves chocolate pasta' which he has actually made up as I've never eaten it or mentioned it. Then the following day I saw this in Waitrose - chocolate pasta filled with chocolate creme. It's like they are inside my brain !!! I'm saving it for Valentine's Day and as it is so sinfully calorific I suspect it's going to be my actual dinner rather than a dessert as it's intended.

We still have a house full of treats and I'm trying very hard to resist even though the month of no chocolate is over so I've asked Hubbie not to get me any chocolate for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day or any other celebration for the foreseeable future. It's meant we have to be creative, but he's been getting me lovely things like a a spa day or some beauty treatments instead which is much more of a pampering treat and won't make me feel frumpy and fat :)

I joked with friends that I was going to eat all the chocolate in the house on the 1st February then spend the 2nd of February in a diabetic coma from the sugar overload. The thing is as I've not been eating chocolate for a month, now when I do it just tastes far too sweet and I feel a bit ill afterwards - don't worry it won't last I'm sure I'll get over it before too long !

Cocoa Boutique artisan truffles So, we established the new order where chocolate as a gift is no longer allowed. Then the lovely folks at Cocoa Boutique sent me these. I won a Twitter competition and these were my prize. I may just sneak the hazelnut ones into Hubbie's Valentine treats as I'm not really into pralines or nuts and chocolate generally. The others I might just have to enjoy myself.

Well it's rude not to isn't it ?

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