Friday 31 January 2014

Mums know everything don't they ?

When I became a Mum I figured I'd just know stuff. Like my Mum does. She knows pretty much everything that's of any use to anyone. I always assumed that as soon as I had a child I'd automatically know stuff too. I am now, slowly, realising that it's taken raising 4 kids for her to gather that kind of wikipedia-esque skill.

Daniel Craig in swimming trunks as James BondSo far here are the questions I can answer:

My boy: Mummy can I watch Gruffalo please ?

Hubbie: Where are my swimming trunks ?

The Cat: Miaoooooow (translation: something to do with biscuits)

All of them: When do we eat ?

The Questions I can't answer: 

Why did the cat lick Hubbie's marmite on toast yesterday morning ?

Why is it always the one thing that is most precious that my son will drop on the floor and break when he's at someone else's house ? (sorry Janice)

When will I work out how much less shampoo and conditioner to use now my hair is short ?

Why do the bin men always leave the wheelie bin right in the middle of the drive after emptying it ?

And to prove how useful my Mum really is - here is a small sample of questions she can answer:

central heating system panel
"Mum how do I programme the economy 7 heating system ?

"Mum, how do I prepare and cook [name of exotic vegetable] ?"

"Mum what do I do with my son, he's not sleeping / eating / listening [delete as appropriate]"

"Mum how did you manage to run a household, raise 4 kids, work full time and prepare a meal from scratch every day ?"

and the questions my Mum can't answer:

"Mum, how do I get past this level on Candy Crush ?"

Personally, I don't see why she isn't running the world :o) 


  1. It sound alike she should be running the world, definitely.

  2. aww, your mum sounds great!

  3. Love my mum! Mums run the world, srsly!

  4. I was distracted by Daniel Craig's photo then ;)

    We want our mums to know everything but secretly I think sometimes they just sound like they know everything, after all when you are a mum your brain doesn't increase in size lol. We just try to do the best for our kids.

  5. Your mum sounds fabulous! I'm sure our generation knows things too - like how to get to the next level of candy crush. To the right people, this knowledge is totally invaluable. Ok, who am I keeping - mums do know everything! ;-)

  6. Us Mums are the best, without us the world would not run.

  7. Your mum sounds fab - although if she hasn't mastered Candy Crush she's clearly not yet leadership materiel lol

  8. Your mum does indeed sound great.

  9. Mums are wonderful. I know absolutely nothing about Candy Crush :)

  10. LOL you have to know the answers to some really silly questions when you become a Mum don't you!

  11. hmm... stuck on Candy Crush ...not good... I know the pain... I am stuck on one level for weeks now :-(

  12. And pray tell, why is Daniel Craig here? You don't expect me to read your post when all I can do is stare ;-D

  13. I got really distracted while reading this post. Can't think what distracted me ;p Your mum sounds great and so do you :)

  14. Oh think I could answer the candy crush one...not sure about the rest!!