Saturday 21 December 2013

Festive Five Father Christmases

It's only four sleeps until Christmas and to celebrate I'm sharing my top five Santa pics from the last few weeks.

We're having breakfast with Father Christmas tomorrow morning before he gets all busy with the present giving. I don't about the boy, but I'm very excited !!

So, in no particular order:

Traditional Father Christmas in a lovely grotto at Birdworld in Hampshire

Kardy Laguda - not quite the Santa you would expect after a one hour workout at the Kardy Christmas Dance Party

Trainer wearing Father Christmas (who my boy pointed out looked a lot like Coach John)

Santa Baby - my personal favourite

A very impressive Father Christmas complete with Elves !


  1. wow, you have seen a lot of santas! we have seen only one, which was the thomasland one. oh actually no there was two.. one at my sons nursery show too

  2. I think no. 4 has to be my favourite! So sweet! :)

  3. Lovely pics! And so many santas!!

  4. Santa baby is the best - but workout one is also fairly good! Happy Christmas.

  5. Santa baby is definitely my fave!