Sunday 4 August 2013

24 hours - six conversations - one Mum

1. Me & Hubbie: 

Me: I think I'll take the boy swimming in the morning - they have a family fun swim that he might like 
Hubbie: Hmm Hmm 
Me: (assuming he's not listening) Ok I'll see how he is in the morning then

2. Me, The boy & Hubbie:

Me: Shall we go swimming then ? 
The Boy: No thanks (goes back to watching Peppa Pig) 
Me: Ok let's call Daddy and see how he's doing at work shall we ?
The boy: <shrugs>
(Call Hubbie using speaker)
Me: Hello how is your morning going ? 
Hubbie: Not too bad... I thought you were going swimming ?
Me: We decided to stay at home due to the thunder and lightning outside
The Boy: I want to go swimming please
Me: <through gritted teeth> Ok thanks for that then Daddy
Hubbie: Oops, sorry

3. Me & The Lifeguard:

Me: Isn't it family fun swim this morning ?
Lifeguard: No the timetable changed, it's a swimming crash course today
Me: Oh
The Boy: I want to go swimming Mummy
Me: Sorry sweetie, not today
The Boy: I want to go swimming
Me: I know, I'm sorry. Let's do something else sweetie

4. Me & The Boy: 

The Boy: Mummy, I want to sit on your lap
Me: Ok sweetie, oh you do feel hot I think you have a temperature
The Boy: I need Calpol
Me: Maybe you do. Let me see
The Boy: I'm not well
Me: I know son. Let's just take it easy and get some rest today

5. The Boy & Hubbie: 

Hubbie: You're my best boy 
The boy: You're my best friend

6. Me & The Cat:

Me: It's a thankless job this being a Mum business
The Cat: Feed me

I need a holiday !!

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