Sunday, 11 November 2012

A birthday, a baby break, a blogfest and a botox fuelled tirade

Phew what a week it's been: Hubbie turned 40, we had our first night away from our son since he was born, I attended the inaugural Mumsnet Blogfest and this blog gained notoriety thanks to a woman who can't move her face. So here is what I learned from it all:

Selection of cheeses - international house of cheese
Artists impression of Hubbie's birthday gift.
The last minute selection of cheeses I bought for Hubbie as one of his 40th birthday gifts seemed a better idea before I sat with it on the train home and all the other passengers thought it was me who smelled a bit funky. He does love it though.

Ordering gnocchi isn't always as safe a bet as it seems. The goats cheese sauce was a big error and I don't think that's because I subbed out the smoked chicken either - who knows how bad that would have tasted (well Hubbie actually, he had that and was belching smoked chicken for hours afterwards !)

My son will stay happily with his Grandparents while we go away for the night and he doesn't miss us half as much as we miss him. Having said that it was wonderful to be able to lie in and have a leisurely breakfast and a swim with Hubbie - even if we did coo over the babies who were having a swimming lesson at the same time.

The Mumsnet Blogfest was in no way scary at all and I needn't have worried about being lonely as it was a genuinely friendly gathering of women, many of whom were just as worried as I had been about going.

I was sitting next to Tanya Byron in the first session and I had no idea until she took the mic to address a point to the panel. I knew I knew her from somewhere, but had no idea where from.

Giving myself permission to eat what I wanted was the best decision I've made in years. I not only enjoyed myself, I also tasted really good food - Beverley Hills Bakery cakes are to die for ! (and don't tell anyone, but I also had a sneaky glass of prosecco !)

A goodie bag can really make or break a great day and the one we got from Mumsnet weighed about half a tonne and was full of proper stuff. Caitlin Moran's new book and a Bonne Maman cookbook, decent chocolate (Divine and Green & Blacks), Nails inc. goth polish, Lush's latest product, a Boden brolly and not just vouchers or samples of rubbish. This was a seriously epic freebie !!

Being slagged off in an article written for the venomous Daily Mail feels completely hideous, but actually I'm being told by all and sundry that it is a badge of honour. I'm now going to order the t-shirt they have in the back of Private Eye that bears the legend "I'm the one the Daily Mail warned you about."

Please feel free to add your own comments below on the journalistic integrity of the botoxed bint :o)

I'm the One the Daily Mail Warned You About! by incurablehippie
It's tempting isn't it ? 


  1. There was a t-shirt going around a few years back that proudly boasted "Hated by The Daily Mail". I would wear that with Pride *grins*

  2. Now come on.... "journalistic integrity" and bitter old Liz really don't go together. In fact, just "Journalist" would be stretching it!

  3. I have to admit it's been pretty sweet seeing the response to her article (which part of me did cynically wonder whether was the real point of inviting her to attend)

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  5. Loved your post and your wonderful attitude. I've stopped by to meet you after you left such a lovely comment on my post about dear Liz. Or should I say, "The woman who shall not be named?" I'm so thankful that I happened on Simone's' post that day, and felt outraged enough to write about it, because it led me to so many new and interesting bloggers on the other side of the ocean. Some new British sisters. It's obvious that my little voice was only one of a storm of indignation over her mean-spirited words, which warms my heart. I never cease to be amazed at the bonding power of women under attack. Also, from what I'm reading everywhere, the Blogfest sounded like a wondrous affair--filled with substantive tips and impressive speakers. Too bad I'm in California. I would’ve loved to have gone.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  6. Oh Leslie (Gwen) bless you for visiting my blog. You hide your outrage really well under reasoned remarks and some nice thoughts. I would have been much more bitter I'm afraid.

    The next Mumsnet Blogfest you must try and come over - it's a blast (and the cupcakes are to die for !!).

    How lovely to live in California - I am so jealous. We visited a few years ago and loved it - Hubbie is a Giants fan and I love the ocean so something for everyone :o)

  7. Ciao Swazi, I met you briefly at the beginning of the mumsnet morning (balancing our coffee cups?) and am glad I found your blog. Great work! I'm about to read Liz Jones' article which I also wrote about on mine (On Sistabitches and Gving Liz Jones a Hug). She has some really weird/lifeless attitudes. Wear that T-shirt with pride sista!! Xcat

  8. Ciao Catherine !!

    How wonderful to hear from you. Yes it was a chaotic, but wonderful day and to be honest while LJ's comments really bothered me at first I'm now grateful for the increased traffic although the notoriety has given me a taste of celebrity and I'm now even more sure that it's not for me.

    I've had a peep at your post - nicely put !

    S xx