Thursday 26 January 2017

Conversations with my kids (an occasional series)

Before school this morning: 

Me: why don't you have your socks on - I did ask you to put them on
Brown Bear: I didn't hear you
Me: Really ? I was right next to you
BB: Blue Bear had his bottom on my face
Me: (suppressing a laugh) And that muffled the sound of my voice ?
BB: Yes.

I went into our bedroom and collapsed in a heap of laughter leaving Hubbie to be the grown up

In the car on the way to pre-school: 

Blue Bear: Happy Mummy.
Me: Yes sweetie I'm happy
BB: No Mummy. Happy
Me: Are you happy baby ?
BB: (pointing at the radio) Happy Mummy
Me: Sorry baby, you want me to put Happy on the radio do you ?"
BB: Yes, Happy
Me: Silly Mummy
BB: Silly Mummy

Oh dear, what have I started ?

After school today:

Me: Did you enjoy the tea party at pre-school today baby ?
Blue Bear: Yes Mummy
Me: What did you have ?
BB: Snack (crisps), biscuits, no carrots.
Me: So there were carrots, but you didn't have any ?
BB: No carrots
Me: Well that sounds nice

Brown Bear: Why did they have tea at pre-school today ?
Me: To mark Australia Day. Not that it's really something we should celebrate.
BB: Why not Mummy ?
Me: Well, the first Australians were dark skinned people and when the westerners came along they pushed them out. That's why the original Australians don't really have much to celebrate.
BB: Pushing people isn't nice Mummy.
Me: No, it's not. I don't mean they literally pushed them, but they took over and made life hard for the first Australians. That's why I don't know if I'd like to go there.
BB: I don't want to go to Australia Mummy.
Me: People did the same in America too. There were people with skin like mine and then people with white skin came and took the land from them and made them move away.
BB: That's not nice.
Me: No, it's not.
BB: We're not going to America until Donald Trump has died are we ?
Me: Well, either that or when he's not president any more.
BB: Hmm. I don't think Andrew* voted for him.
Me: I am pretty sure his parents didn't no.

Well, that's world politics sorted then.

This evening:

Me: Ok boys we have to write thank you cards. It's been a month now and it is so rude that we haven't done it yet.
Brown Bear: Thank you cards for my birthday ?
Me: No. That was months ago - I think that ship has sailed.
BB: Ship ? Do you remember when we went on a cruise ? Just you and me ?
Me: I do yes.
BB: We should do that again. Just you and me.
Me: I'd love to do that.

All I have to do now is win the lottery to pay for it !

* Brown Bear's great friend from school moved to America last year and he would love to go and see him. 

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