Sunday 11 October 2015

Pool, Pizza and Party. Done.

This afternoon after about a month of planning we had Big Boy's birthday party. It was a pool and pizza party with about twenty 4-5 year olds and a few toddlers. It was noisy, chaotic, very wet and frankly madness. It was also - in Big Boy's words - the best day he's ever had.

During the swimming part the kids all seemed to have lots of fun and splashed around. Baby Boy has only been swimming for a few months and loved it. When it came to the food and drink part

Phew ! I was so worried about it all and planned every last thing to make sure it would go well. From ordering the pizzas online last week to making sure that we took plenty of drinks for adults and children. Following a miscalculation last year with goody bags I made up plenty this year and was delighted to find we had a couple left over for my boys to have.

Tonight we had two large pizzas left, all the coleslaw and potato salad that I'd forgotten to put out and lots of drinks as everyone was driving. The reason I'm telling you this is because we are all completely exhausted. I'm so tired that I could sleep for days. Hubbie was so tired he couldn't even finish his food - which is almost unheard of I can tell you !

In a week we will be at the wonderful Coombe Mill where the kids have so much fun and we love staying with Fiona and her fab family. It's been such a tiring time I really want to rest and relax a bit while we're there. Let's hope I get the chance.

For now though, the whole house smells of pizza and the garage is full of drinks. Life ain't so bad :)


  1. I get so stressed out over parties. Major % up this year and didn't book in time so my boys waiting a month to celebrate! Glad your boy had the best day ever x

    1. Oh I fully understand - stressed before, during and then feeling terrible after about all the things I forgot to do. I'd be a rubbish party planner !
      Still, like you say he had a great time :)
      Good luck with all yours.