Monday 8 June 2015

Give the gift of Fire on Father's Day

You've probably seen the adverts already suggesting gifts for Dads and Grandads. I've got grand plans to get the boys to make (or at the very least decorate) a card for Hubbie for Father's Day. We also have a special gift to give him which I think  he's going to like a lot more than the usual after-shave and t-shirt combo that we get him every year. 
Now I know I risk spoiling he surprise, but wanted to share what we have planned to give you time to look into getting it too if you like the sound of it. The Amazon Fire TV stick takes the original idea of the Amazon Fire TV and makes it even smaller - which will appeal to Hubbie - and makes it even more snazzy while still giving you a wealth of programmes, movies and box sets to watch. 

The presentation is just lovely and I have to admit to not wanting to unbox it to use as it looks so pretty - while still being macho enough for Hubbie of course. The device itself is the size of a memory stick and the remote is not much bigger. You don't have to use an additional power source, but it is recommended. Otherwise it's as simple as plugging into a HDMi port and popping batteries into the teeny remote control. Then you are free to watch a wealth of programmes and movies and you can also set a pin so that younger family members can't access anything they shouldn't or run up a bill on your account. 

We use it to access BBC iPlayer, Netflix and (of course) Amazon Prime and only today found some movies that Big Boy enjoys watching. I'm sure Hubbie will find some box sets of shows he likes and as he can set it up on the bigger TV downstairs he will get the benefit of the great reception without the buffering that can spoil your viewing experience on other devices.

Amazon Fire is a big hit in our house and with this newer compact version it's about to be even more popular with everyone. As a Father's Day gift I'd say this is pretty cool and I hope Hubbie thinks so too. 

Disclosure: the lovely folks at Amazon sent us an Amazon Fire TV stick to try out and review 

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