Saturday, 10 January 2015

I'm making a clean start to the New Year

As I type I'm making a mental list of all the jobs there are to do in the house that I haven't got round to yet. Since we got home from our Christmas break I've been restless as the house just feels like it's full of clutter and mess. I spent all of last Sunday sorting out and a few hours today too, but it still feels like there is a mountain to deal with.

Usually I find the process of cleaning and sorting therapeutic. I put on the radio and get stuck in with whatever tasks I've decided to tackle and get on with it. For some reason I'm a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount there is to do right now. I think it's because I'm working all week and I only have the weekends to do the chores that it's become such a big deal.

When I was at home every day I didn't stress as much about getting everything done, but then I did have time every day to keep on top of the cleaning and washing and other random things that I tell myself I need to do. Like folding all the towels the same way and lining up the cushions. It's safe to say I can be a bit fussy about things like that.

In fact Hubbie suggested I make Youtube clips of common household chores the way I like them done so that he can follow them. I think it's a great idea and will get onto in tomorrow with the first instructional movie: "how to fold bags for life the 'right' way." I can see it being a big hit :)

Ideas for future 'how to' clips include: how to fold sheets, how to load the dishwasher and how to hang the washing. I'm sure there are plenty more that you could add to the list. In fact I will make sure I keep them so that my boy can watch them too. I've already started talking to him about doing chores so some handy videos can only help can't they ?

Right, I'm off to prepare for my close up.

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