Wednesday 7 January 2015

Hey, Ho, let's go... back to work and school.

So today we've gone back to normal after what feels like almost a month of holiday and late bedtimes and eating between meals. Everyone had to get up at a reasonable time and eat a normal breakfast and be dressed and ready by the front door in time to travel together.

Our boy is back at school and we're both back at work. To be fair Hubbie was at work last week so he's not feeling the pain as badly as I am. I went back yesterday and my desk had been moved so it was all a bit unsettling, but it was good to be back into some semblance of order after so long without any fixed plans from one day to the next. Our boy has been asking when he's due back at school for a while now and this excitement about seeing his friends again was helped by having new school shoes and a swimming lesson first thing.

The only one of the family who wasn't looking forward to this return to normality appears to be Neo. This morning the cat sat in the middle of the stairs observing our chaotic departure from the house with a mixture of curiosity and bemusement. I'm fairly certain he was a bit put out that he would be left alone all day having had company all day for weeks now, but also secretly was hoping we'd leave the door to our boy's bedroom open so that he could snuggle down on his bed. I'm slightly offended that our bed is no longer considered fluffy enough for him, but it might also be our insistence that he's not allowed in that makes it far more appealing.

When I got home this evening - later than usual - our boy was asleep and the cat was snoozing on his comfy bed by the radiator in the front room. I took over from Hubbie so he could go out for a swim - I had mine earlier today - and got myself sorted for the morning. I think it's fair to say that we are a family that does better when we have a routine.

Anyway, I'm off to bed now - I have to be up early :)

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