Wednesday 9 July 2014

The really great outdoors

As promised last week here is the second part of my post from our holiday at Coombe Mill  the home of Fiona - the lovely host of the Country Kids linky - and her fab family.

My boy had such a great time taking part in all the activities on the farm and we had glorious weather so we spent a lot of time outdoors every day and explored the areas nearby too. He took to being a farm helper really well and was very careful handling the animals and would greet all of them with a cheery hello and a wave. His favourite job by far, though, was when he helped drive the tractor !

Just doing preliminary tractor checks with Daddy

At the Eden Project he took the land train down with Daddy as it is a bit of a trek for small legs and it was a hot day. As a result he was a bit hot and bothered in the rainforest biome, but after a snack stop for a delicious cake and a drink he enjoyed walking along the sunflowers and listened to a lovely story which they do at regular intervals for small children. We tried to guess all the recycled objects that made up the weee man - he spotted quite a few fans and we found washing machines, computer paraphernalia and various vacuum cleaners, then I took our boy back on the land train.

walking among the sunflowers

One of the best days out was at Lappa Valley which has three trains a mini golf course and a small boating lake - as Miranda's mum would say "Such fun !" We spent all day there and honestly our boy was reluctant to come home. It is a hidden gem really and lovely Fiona called ahead for us from Coombe Mill so that we got an offer on the entry price too.

Here comes the choo-choo 

We even managed a day at the beach and went to Rock where I indulged my new obsession with Cornish slate and collected pieces of it to bring home to make a garden feature. I have no idea what the feature will be, but I'm sure inspiration will strike. The boys had lots of fun making sandcastles, burying each other in the sand and running in and out of the water. I have a loathing of sand that meant I spent more time shaking the towels to get sand off them than anything else, but I did also pick up some lovely chunks of slate too.

Serious construction work going on here 

The great thing about having good weather is that our boy was able to play outside all day and even into the evenings. He climbed things, ran around and generally wore himself out. Here he is scaling the walls of a play castle to get some rope climbing practice - that was harder than he's making it look !

And heeeave !!

So in conclusion we had a fantastic time at Coombe Mill and will definitely be back. The weather may have given us a rose tinted experience, but even on our last day where it was rainy the boy had great fun playing in the indoor soft play barn with his new friends. 

I look forward to making Coombe Mill a regular family holiday :) 

This post is part of the lovely #countrykids linky hosted by the fab Fiona of Coombe Mill 

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 


  1. You did so many of my favourite activities while you stayed with us. I know you had good weather but I actually think you also really understood what we offer and made the most of your time here with us and out and about in Cornwall. I really hope we will see you again. Thank you for linking up and sharing with me for Country Kids.

    1. It was a lovely holiday and suited us so well. You're doing something so great and we'd love to become regulars. It's nice to find somewhere that is relaxing, fun and suitable for kids and adults alike.
      Thank you xxx

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time. I would like to go to the Eden Project. x

    1. It was great that there was so much to do both at Coombe Mill and nearby.
      I've been the Eden Project before and as it was over ten years ago things have really moved on since then ! You should go, this summer they have a dinosaurs unleashed exhibition that your boys might like :) xxx