Sunday 22 June 2014

My boy's rainbow life

I don't subscribe to the idea of colours for boys or for girls. If my son likes something it doesn't matter what colour it is. As a result he has a pink and purple play kitchen, blue railway tracks, mega bloks in primary colours and a fair amount of red toys as he loves fire engines right now. I like to think my son's life is a riot of colour and here is why:

I cannot explain why my son chose to wear his pink pony dressing up outfit to watch TV with us, but he does look pretty cute doesn't he ?

My little pink pony

For weeks now we've seen strawberries growing on our plants in the garden. The last few years they've been pinched by animals before we've had a chance to eat them. This year we finally got to a homegrown red strawberry before the squirrels or birds got to it and it was thoroughly enjoyed by my boy.
My mini gardener

The boy went to play mini golf with Hubbie on Friday and he was so impressed with the green waterfall that he stopped to take a look during the game. I'm not sure that's what the pros do is it ? 

Mini golf for a mini golfer

It was Biggin Hill Airshow last weekend and the Red Arrows display was visible from our house - just about - the boy was really impressed with the red, white and blue smoke trails they left behind.

The Red Arrows

We made muffins on Friday, but it was a wonder there were any blueberries left to put in them as the boy is a big fan of all fruit and kept munching, 'just one more Mummy.'

Banana & blueberry muffins 

My boy loves public transport and especially buses. His favourite place is the London Transport Museum and being allowed to 'drive' is a dream come true for him - if you look closely you will see him here in the driver's seat.

A big red bus

And last, but by no means least, there is my boy's partner in naughtiness, Neo the cat. Known locally as 'the white cat' he is (in)famous. They are a dynamic duo and make me laugh every day.

Neo the white cat

So, those are the colours in my son's life. I think it's fair to say that red is the most prominent colour right now, but he is only three years old, so I'm sure that will change. For now I will keep bringing as many colours into his life as possible so he continues to enjoy a rainbow of experiences and fun.

This post is our entry to the Hillarys Blinds Children's True Colours Competition.

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