Friday 6 April 2018

I live in my car now - well it feels that way

Having both boys at home during school holidays requires a lot of organising. Over Easter there was the strategic grandparent delivery service with both of them staying with my parents on the first night we me and Hubbie could go out to a show. The next day we picked up Blue Bear to take him to the in-laws. Despite our best laid plans we spent more than three hours on the M25 both days and I was thoroughly exhausted. I had intended to blog and social media the crap out of Easter, but in the end I went for rest, relaxation and some time without the children. With Blue safely installed with Grandma and Grumps we high-tailed it out of there with screeching tyres and smoke in our wake.  

Hubbie and I used to present a radio show together years ago so I suggested we might revisit the format. The technical side has moved on and we sat opposite each other instead of side by side, but it was great to spend time sharing music we love and chatting over the airwaves just like the old days. I hope we can do more shows in the future. Talking of which I'll be live on air tomorrow morning which is always fun and games - not least as I lose track of what I was saying or fail to play a song that I had cued up. Anything could happen after the week I've had. Since the start of the week I've lost a journal I write in every day, the key to an essential cupboard and my debit card. I'm not sure I'm safe to drive at the moment I'm so discombobulated ! 

All this week Brown Bear has been at Supercamps which is perfect for an active child like him. Blue Bear had been booked into a half day camp suitable for his age, but it was cancelled at short notice. I've had to find new and exciting ways to spend time with him - which put paid to my plans to get things done while the boys were out of the house. Earlier in the week we went to the cinema and this morning I took him to watch Swan Lake. It is a production by the English National Ballet specifically for a younger audience under the banner of 'my first ballet.' There is a narrator to help children follow the simplified story which runs for an hour and a half including an interval. We were surrounded by small girls universally dressed in tulle skirts and wearing headbands. Bringing his own sense of perspective to the event Blue asked me on the way there if there are any dinosaurs in Swan Lake. He wasn't too put out when I had to tell him there weren't - not least as he had a dino shaped gingerbread biscuit during the interval. In fact he seemed to have a pretty good understanding and concentrated beautifully. He was put out that I refused to buy him a jewelled magic wand from the concession stand, but I reminded him he has more than one wand at home - and a matching tiara. 

I would recommend 'My First Ballet: Swan Lake, which will be on tour shortly. If you are quick you can still catch it at the Peacock Theatre in London, but tickets are very limited. 

One more week of holidays to go - here's to my not losing things or falling over my own feet. 

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