Monday, 3 August 2015

If I was the hungry caterpillar I'd be stocking up on these.

I am a big fan of fruit. We buy lots of it and the boys all eat so many grapes and apples that I often have to restock half way through the week as we run out of them so fast. I prefer soft fruits like strawberries, cherries, apricots and nectarines and the exotic ones like mangoes, pineapple and passion fruit. The problem with this, however, is that my preferred fruits aren't as portable as an apple or even a banana.

If you've ever had a soft fruit related disaster you will be familiar with the search for a purse that results in a sticky - if fragrant - hand emerging from the soggy depths of a handbag where the carnage has occurred. If I want to enjoy fruit I either have to buy it while I'm out or carry plastic boxes to keep it from getting bashed around.

The alternative to this is to have dried fruit and I've tried a few different brands. Nothing But is a genuinely dried fruit snack that contains no chemicals at all. If you check the ingredients of most dried fruits you will notice that they have been processed in some way, but this brand is just the fruit with all the water taken out. It's a bit drier as a result, but full of intense flavour and maintains the bright colours of the fruit. Some dried products have an oily texture and a funny smell, Nothing But snacks smell like fruit and taste like it too. Sounds obvious, but it really does make a difference.

The varieties include savoury options (pea and sweetcorn is one and mange tout and red pepper is another) but the ones I tried were strawberry and banana, pineapple and grape and finally apple and fig. They are handbag sized snack bags and I give them to my kids too when we are on the move as it's lighter to carry a bag of these than half a dozen apples which I usually have to do. The varieties are also more interesting too, so I get the boys to eat fruit like figs which they might not otherwise want to try.

It's a handy snack to have when I'm on the move all day and don't have time to stop and eat anything. Instead of reaching for a flapjack or a pastry I can have some yummy fruit without guilt. Each pack is one of your five a day and makes a nice alternative to a biscuit or bag of crisps if you like to snack. I think these would make a nice addition to porridge - if you have time - or even to pop onto a cake if you're into the new 'naked cakes' craze. The main thing I have to do is hide them so that none of my boys pinch them - in our house these are officially 'Mummy snacks.'

Disclosure: The lovely folks at Nothing But Snacks sent us some samples to write an honest review. 

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