Tuesday 10 February 2015

£200 for a bunch of flowers ? No thanks.

I know there's a cynical school of thought that says Valentine's Day is a rip off designed to part gullible lovebirds from their money. To be fair it is a bit hinky that restaurants pretty much force you to have a set menu instead of the food you usually eat when you go there and charge you double for the privilege. It's also the biggest day of the year (it's a close run thing with Mothering Sunday) for florists with all the red roses being flown in specially from Africa to ensure that there are plenty of dozens to go round. I was horrified to see one bouquet on sale in a store I love very much for £200 !!!

If you need to spell it out
(Wilko Word Love £6) 
Anyway, all that said we do try to do something nice and we do buy gifts for each other. A friend of ours once said, " you two are so lovely dovey" which made us laugh as we don't think we are especially. However, we do make a point of having regular 'date nights' and we do nice things for each other. Over the years we've been together we've accumulated some things we use every year like our heart embossed flutes that were bought for a joke and are now a tradition. The tiny heart shaped lights that freak the cat out and any number of Love Heart themed gifts - that's Love Hearts the sweets from the seventies of course.

So many hearts
(Wilko Wooden Heart Frame £12)
However, don't despair if you haven't already bought something nice for someone - or for yourself - you still have time. The lovely folks at Wilko sent us some items from their love collection. I particularly liked the snack bowls shaped like hearts. I'd use them for sweets, but I think you can use them for dips too. The photo frame in the shape of a heart is big and has lots of different apertures so you can create a collage of images for your loved one. If you want to spell out how much you love them you can also get the fabric letters that come complete with velcro tabs to put them up on the wall.  None of these gifts are pricey or require a loved one to give them to, you can treat yourself. After all, Whitney Houston did say that learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.

Sweet treats
(Wilko Heart Dip bowls and Tray Set £4.50)
We don't usually go out on Valentine's Day, but this year we have babysitting for Saturday evening and for a while there we had no idea what to do. All the restaurants we like are doing set menus - so that's a no then - and we considered standing down our neighbour in favour of dim sum at home. Then inspiration struck - tenpin bowling !! Hubbie took our boy bowling a few weeks back and I was so jealous as we haven't been for years and I do love it. So, it's booked and we'll be wearing silly shoes and breaking nails - well mostly that's just me really.

Cheers :) 
I'd say that's the height of romance wouldn't you ?

Disclosure: The lovely folks at Wilko sent us some gift items free of charge - they are all available to buy in store or online.

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