Tuesday 17 July 2012

Radio Ga Ga Goo Goo

So my radio show will be on air on Monday between 1-2pm on internet station Croydon Radio

It takes me back to attending all day interviews at Pebble Mill for the BBC broadcasting apprenticeship and being overwhelmed by the other candidates who'd just come back from some war zone or other doing something very journalistic. I felt so unprepared and amateur it wasn't surprising the Beeb saw fit to turn me down. Instead I did some hospital radio, then some community radio.

Somewhere along the way I found my radio voice (it's a lot more serious than I am, but not too squeaky so that's ok) and learned that we don't play Madness to the psycho-geriatric wards of Ealing Hospital and speaking too close to the mic is called 'popping.' And now after a break of some years 'Radio Rabbit' is back.

Croydon Radio is going to be on air from the end of this week (official launch on Mon 23rd July) and I'll be producing and presenting a show called "Are we nearly there yet ?" I'm not the young, single gal I was so it's less music and more chat about grown up stuff and some ideas of things to do as a family over the Summer break. I've always wondered why it's called a 'show' when, clearly, you can't see the presenter or the programme, but as it's an internet station you can follow along online too.

I will have guests on the show and first up will be Totstars who do football and other sports for children - which my son loves. I really want to support and promote local businesses who are working with children and families. It's difficult enough to keep little ones busy as they grow and become harder to tire out so any assistance has to be welcome.

Tune into Croydon Radio at: www.croydonradio.com
Find out more about Totstars at: www.totstarsuk.com

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