Tuesday 21 February 2012

Flippin' pancakes

All of us know that we can eat pancakes any day we choose, there is no reason why we wait until Shrove Tuesday, but sure enough the day rolls around and out come the crepe pans and the Jif lemon (unused since last year usually) and an assortment of different toppings. In our house we have the traditional lemon and sugar, Nutella, banana and maple syrup, fresh fruit and occasionally a savoury option on offer. A few years ago I even bought a heart shaped pan so I could incorporate the two big days together and we could have romantic valentine themed pancakes.

I have, however learned a lesson about making pancakes, it's simple and I'm going to share it with you. If you use large eggs in baking recipes they go ever so slightly wrong. Pancake batter is pretty forgiving so it doesn't cause too much trauma. Cakes and biscuits, however, don't allow for an error with a basic ingredient. Sinking and soggy in the middle - and that's just how I feel when I look in on the disaster that was supposed to be a delicious teatime snack and is now a doorstop. Poor Hubbie ends up eating all the mistakes and disasters and as a result he's taken up running again.

It's another of those 'life is unfair' moments when you realise that for a man to lose weight he just needs a partner who ensures there's nothing fattening in his packed lunch or the cupboard when he gets home. For a woman to lose weight it takes leaving home or stomach stapling or a gastric band. I'm not inclined to do any of these just yet so during this period that we will call the winter fat months (Valentine's chocolate, pancake peril, Easter egg tasting practice) I will be mostly running round the house chasing my son.

Tomorrow morning we'll have some small pancakes with the boy so he can experience the joy of pancake day (albeit a day later). Thankfully he loves most things we eat so chopped banana and maple syrup on a scotch pancake should be a magical treat compared with his usual weetabix brekkie. You never know I might even make pancakes another day just for the fun of it if he likes them.

If you're having pancakes enjoy a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of sugar on my behalf. 

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