Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bonus Blog

As it's the 29th of February this is our once every 4 years leap day - a bonus day if you will. So what can we do on the 'extra' day to make the most of it ? Well, here's what I've been doing:

Practising yoga - which I should do every day anyway and just never get round to. It's good for me and I enjoy it so why I don't do it is a mystery.

Mulling over some stuff in the hope of letting it go. Heavy stuff about how I'm treated by others and what I've done over the years to deserve it. It's weighing on my mind so I want to let it go.

Admiring the teeny tiny daffodils in the back garden which I only spotted yesterday. I also spotted the ginger cat from two doors down sitting on our path watching the squirrels at the end of the garden and completely missing the squirrel that scurried barely a few feet behind him - dontcha just love comedy animals ? While I was typing this I was trying to ignore Neo miaowing at me and he bit my foot - ouch !

Auditing the furniture we have and where it can go in the house. At this moment we have 3 mug trees, a lot of lamps (not all working) 2 kettles, 2 toasters, a lot of shelving units and a pile of wood that used to be bookshelves in my old flat. I aspire to the minimal living I see in other people's houses where I suspect they have a garage and loft full of crap and nothing on show. My life is on display on bookshelves, window sills and pretty much every spare scrap of space.

Apart from this I've had many cups of tea, taken the boy out to one of his playgroups today and flattened some boxes in the garage.

I like having an extra day, but I think we should get one during the weekend. Maybe an extra Saturday. I could do a lot with an extra Saturday.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day! I could do with an extra Saturday too. We have some lovely tiny daffodils in our front garden, we moved in over winter so it was a lovely surprise to find that the owner had planted them!