Sunday 7 October 2018

This time next week it will be done

This year began with the loss of two people I love. A family member who was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer that took her life and a beloved friend who having beaten breast cancer and completed the Moonwalk with me developed secondary cancer and died painfully and suddenly. Both were cared for by Macmillan.
Years ago my friend's father Michael and Hubbie's school friend Helen were cared for by Macmillan nurses at the end of their lives. The nurses attended Michael and Helen's funerals and I know it meant a lot to the families and those who loved them. 
When I told Macmillan I was going to raise money in memory of my friend they said, "we are here for you too." That is why they are so amazing - they support and care for everyone who is affected by cancer. 
I am fortunate to have my health and my life so I am doing this for those who:
- are waiting for results
- have just had a diagnosis
- are having treatment 
- have reached the end of their journey 
- care for someone with cancer 
In May I cut off my hair and donated it so now I'm all streamlined and ready to run a half marathon. This is a genuine challenge for me and I'm training so that I can do my best to finish this distance. It is the furthest I've run so far and I've set an ambitious target to enable Macmillan to continue their fantastic support for people living with cancer and those around them.
Finally, this is for the lady who sat in front of me at the theatre the other night wearing a hat to cover her post-chemo hair loss. She told me her cancer is now incurable. I hope she gets to dance and sing for a lot longer.

On Sunday 14th October I am running my first half marathon to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. It is a genuine challenge for me and the furthest I've ever run. Wish me luck - and if you are able to please sponsor me:

Thank you

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