Wednesday 21 March 2018

Spring has sprung. No really it has. Honest.

It's Spring, but no one has told the weather this apparently. This week began with snow and then today it was so sunny that I hung my swimming kit on the outside washing line. Ok so it's frozen solid now, but that's hardly the point. On the drive down to Lewes to record my radio show the sun was shining and I almost didn't take my coat with me to the studio. Of course I did wear it - I'm not a penguin.

I've always said that my favourite seasons are Spring and Autumn. For me they demonstrate the most change and the most promise of what's to come. Let's be honest - for a lot of us this year hasn't exactly promised much so far. Spring has to come soon and with it the blossom, the sunshine and some warmth. When Brown Bear was a baby I used to pick blossom from the trees and hang it from the canopy of his buggy so he could look up and see it as went for a walk. I loved showing him the beauty of nature and now that the boys go to forest school I'm delighted that they have a love of the outdoors and an interest in wildlife. Blue Bear will often pick up acorns, chestnuts or leaves and pop them in his pocket to show his teacher at nursery. It does mean I have to check carefully before putting his clothes in the wash though.

The other member of our family who loves nature is Neo. When he came to live with us from Battersea Cats and Dogs home he had been indoors for weeks and was desperate to go outside. He always loved sunbathing and we'd often find him lying in the sunniest patch of garden and when we moved to this house he loved the garden and the flat roof next door where he would jump up and lie all day. Moving only to follow the sun or to get a drink of water. He doesn't spend as much time outdoors any more and today as the sun streamed into the back room he stretched out on his beanbag and enjoyed the warmth without enduring the chill in the air.

I've often said I'd like to come back in my next life as my cat and on a day like today that is certainly true.

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