Sunday 18 June 2017

One Daddy, two bears and a cat.

If you celebrate it Happy Father's Day. It's not as big a deal as Mother's Day I grant you. Florists don't rub their hands with glee at the prospect of bouquets flying out of the door and restaurants don't plan extra sittings for lunch and afternoon tea. We've had email offers of a free steak at Beefeater, a free meal for Dad at Giraffe and a special meal deal at a range of other places. The marketing for Father's Day concentrates on terrible CDs, DIY items and even 'a real shave'. Can you imagine if someone suggested you buy Mum a waxing session for a treat ? 

Anyway, I asked Hubbie a while back what he'd like for Father's Day so he's gone for a bike ride on this glorious morning and I'm home with the boys watching Paddington - which is a brilliant film by the way. We're going for a Father's Day barbecue later and as it's going to be scorcher we're probably going for a swim at some point too. 

To celebrate Father's Day here are some of Hubbie's best bits (nothing controversial honestly). 

Hubbie getting some early parenting practice with Neo:

The big day when our Brown Bear met Daddy: 

Hubbie teaching Brown Bear some basic IT skills:

I think this was the reason Hubbie wanted children - to share his love of buses: 

Now I'm outnumbered ! 

London Transport Museum is their happy place: 

Recreating childhood experiences: 

Grandpa and Hubbie 

Hubbie and Blue Bear 

And of course my favourite photo of father and son: 

Whatever you're doing today I wish you a great Sunday.

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