Wednesday 29 March 2017

Two years, two boys, two days.

29th March 2015

"Day 3 of introductions:

We came to pick you up today and you were very funny and sleepy. We got you ready and gave you breakfast then put you in the car seat and to come home to play with Brown Bear. You looked out of the window at what was going on and when we arrived at home Brown Bear was waiting at the door calling you to come in.

You were a bit shy at first, but you soon started exploring the rooms and playing with toys. You like banging things and pushing cars around. We brought some of your toys with us from the foster carers' house. We all ate soup for lunch and you were very good. You were a bit upset and tired in the afternoon and Brown Bear cried because he didn't want you to leave us. You fell asleep in the car and you were snoozing on my shoulder when we dropped you back with your carers.

We missed you this afternoon and when Brown Bear woke up he asked, "where's Blue Bear ?" We can't wait to see you again, I'm still frightened that you're not going to love me, but you do like Daddy and Brown Bear."

28th March 2017:

At 5am you cried out calling, "Mummy !" I went in to see you and your eyes were still closed. I stroked your head and kissed you. I whispered, "Mummy's here, it's ok baby."  You took a deep breath and went back to sleep until the morning.

Brown Bear: "Mummy, I want to hold Blue Bear's hand walking to school."
Blue Bear: "Mummy, me hold baba's hand walk to school."
Me: "Ok, you can both hold hands, just wait for me to help you cross the road please."

the school run

My boys - My heart - My love - My family

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