Sunday 18 September 2016

Without tea I am nothing...

You know how at the end of Open All Hours Ronnie Barker would always stand in the street outside his shop and remark, "It's been a funny day." ? Well that's the voice in which I'd like you to imagine the following, "It's been a funny week."

A boy, a dog, a cat - the cutest morning scene

The cat was our first baby. I mean that most sincerely (Hughie Green voice). He was the one who we adopted from Battersea Dogs and Cats home aged 6.5 and we were told he might only have 6 months to live as he had a heart murmur. He's been with us for a lot longer than that and he's very much in charge of the house. So when Brown Bear was born Neo gave him a wide berth. He pretended he wasn't really that keen on him, but would often go into the bedroom to look to see if the baby was sleeping then he would settle down to sleep himself. As they grew used to each other Neo trained Brown Bear to bring him cat biscuits and we knew that their love for each other was genuine when Neo started to sleep on Brown Bear's bed. Having got one small human up to scratch can you imagine how annoyed Neo was when another one came to live with us 15 months ago ? This one wasn't even a baby, but a walking toddler who would squeal with delight when he saw, "Ee-oh." The cat took evasive action and stayed away from the smallest human as much as he could. He has only recently decided Blue Bear is trainable too and likes him a lot now that the boy has learned to run to the food cupboard whenever Neo miaows loudly. So, this week I was delighted to walk in and find Blue Bear and Neo hanging out on our bed. It's the clearest sign that we're all a family now.

Croydon Airport - no really 

I was back on air this week with my radio show on Saturday - which I would usually say listen to online, but I totally forgot to record a podcast so it's lost for all time. Just as well actually as that time off has clearly melted my brain and I'm not sure I was that coherent. Anyway, we have moved to a new studio and it's based at Croydon Airport. Yes you read that right. Croydon used to be the main airport for London, but is now a hotel and offices. It's really cool going into the studio now and I park under this plane - which is open to visitors once a month. I have to take the boys to see it on an open day, they will love it I'm sure. 

Lovely tea 
Not just yet... 

In case you didn't already know I'm doing the H2Only challenge to raise funds for the RNLI. I am only drinking water for ten days and am halfway through today. I have to admit that the first two days were not great with massive headaches and pretty rotten moods. My love of tea is well known so this is a proper sacrifice for an amazing cause. We visited the RNLI station in Calshot during the summer holidays and my boys now love lifeboats. I admit I am really looking forward to my first cup of tea after this and I've even stocked the fridge with some mini wine bottles for a celebratory tipple too. If you'd like to help me reach my fundraising target that would be lovely thank you.

My first arrangement 
Teacup arrangement 

Having been at home for so long over the summer I decided I wanted to do something for myself and learn a new skill. The lovely Julie Davies runs an online flower arranging course for busy mums and it was right up my street. I love flowers, have no idea how to make them look pretty and can find so many things to add to arrangements from the garden. I've enjoyed making the arrangements for 'homework' and Julie provides really helpful videos showing how to prepare flowers, style arrangements and even the basics like how to soak flower foam. I know it sounds rivetting, but I'm loving it. The house is full of flowers right now, like a mini Kew Gardens.

Anyway, that's enough about me. How have you been ?

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