Thursday 3 December 2015

From trolley warfare to hero worship - all in a day's shopping trip.

Yesterday a trip to the supermarket gave me pause for thought and gratitude. I decided to go straight after school pick up and took the boys with me to buy a present for a party Big Boy is invited to and to choose a birthday cake for Baby Boy. When we arrived Big Boy asked if I could get a double seat so he could sit next to his brother. I asked him to promise not to pick a fight and he did. I wasn't sure he'd fit, but he's so skinny they sat side by side and I crossed my fingers for an uneventful shop.

It was the usual patter as I wheeled them round.

- No I can't get you toys, we're getting a present for your friend today
- Get back inside the trolley please
- Stop getting on your brother's nerves
- We don't need any more decorations thank you
- Why are you making that face at your brother ?
- I'm not buying any chocolates
- Yes, we have some at home already
- If you hit him, he'll hit you back
- We don't need a Haribo cake, honestly
- Do that again and you're getting out and walking
- I'm serious

Once I'd finished the shopping I took them for a Happy Meal and while I was queuing up to order the food Big Boy picked balloons for himself and his brother. As they ate their fries I looked at them both. I mean really looked at them. As one dipped fries into ketchup so did the other. They picked up their drinks like synchronised swimmers and both smacked their lips and went, "ahh!" Baby Boy worships his Big Brother. He copies everything he does and sees him as a hero. Big Boy is proud of his Baby Brother and loves being looked up to. He demonstrates how to give the cat biscuits and helps take his brother's shoes off. Baby Boy always makes sure Big Boy has a gingerbread man or piece of chocolate first before he takes one for himself.

When the day to day stuff of parenting involves orienteering for socks and looking forward to nap time so I can stop hearing my own voice it's hard to recognise the positives. Yesterday I was able to take the time to remember how much has happened in the last year:

Big Boy has started school.
Both boys have gained a brother
Baby Boy now has a cat, lots of grandparents, aunties and uncles
Both boys have recently welcomed a brand new cousin.
Me and Hubbie have the family we always wished for.
The children we were told we'd never have.
We're looking forward to celebrating Baby Boy's birthday
and to our first Christmas as a family of 4.

When I stop to think about it - which I confess I don't do often - I cannot help but wonder how did we all get so lucky ?

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