Tuesday 2 October 2012

Making a drama out of … well not even a crisis really

A week ago I developed an arm pain that reduced my arm movement and made hair washing very difficult. It was inconvenient as it meant I couldn't go to dance, aerobics or swimming and as a result I was very grumpy. Then we had my boy's birthday party at the weekend with family and friends and a full house. It was a busy day and by the end of it I was a bit tired and relieved.

large pants migraine
Feeling a bit pants
Then yesterday evening I developed flashing lights before my eyes while feeding the boy his dinner and a couple of hours later my head was thumping and I thought I was going to throw up. Unfortunate as I was driving at the time. I got home and cried before putting eye drops in for my son and going back to stand over the sink in case I did indeed throw up. I told Hubbie what was going on and he told me I was having a migraine.

I have never had a migraine before, I don't even get headaches often. So imagine what I thought was going on when I had a pain in my left arm and a massive splitting pain in my head and a feeling of nausea. Yes, I had in the ten minutes it took to get home convinced myself that I was either having a stroke or something even worse. Here's what went through my mind:

1. I regret not having sorted out that life insurance I promised I'd get
an imperfect Lotus

2. Oh, I should have posted Mum's birthday cards, dammit she won't get her cake now either

3. Is there enough milk in the fridge ?

4. I'm going to miss the yoga day with Howard Napper at the weekend - so unfair, he's yummy !!

5. I haven't told Hubbie that I was going to get the boy dressed for nursery in a waterproof coat tomorrow morning, he'll send him in his bus jumper… ooh I hope it's dry now

6. At least I remembered to put the week's meal schedule on the front of the fridge so Hubbie knows what to cook when

7. Who will take over my radio show on Monday ? Will anyone even notice ?

8. If I get offered an interview for that job I won't be able to go - they're going to think I'm such a flake

9. I haven't chosen any music to be played in memory of me. I do hope Hubbie doesn't pick The Fall or My Bloody Valentine

10. The moon looks ever so big tonight - I hope the boys have seen it

I got home intact, went to bed early and slept until this morning.

Drama over.

Oh and the arm ? It's tennis elbow. I don't even play tennis.

Go figure !


  1. Been there, done that! I get visual migraine's with the flashing lights, first time
    I had them I thought I was losing my sight! Turns out it's just boring old stress......

  2. I don't envy you at all. It's a frightening experience when you're not used to it !

  3. Oi - to take your mind off it - you've been nominated for two blog awards.

    By me.

    Right. So you've calmed down now.

    To accept them you have to follow some rules – shower me with gratitude in a post, list seven things about yourself, recommend some other bloggers, yadda yadda – details are here http://tinyurl.com/9yls7nc

    The awards are – the Versatile Blogger Award and the One Lovely Blog Award.

    And you get two for the price of one. Bargain.

    Haven't listened to your latest show yet. Will do.

  4. You are terribly kind - always nice to be nominated (to quote Frasier)

    The rules sound quite complicated, but I'll give it a go. Problem is I don't actually know 15 bloggers !! I'm going to Blogfest next month so I hope to after that.

    Thanks for thinking of me though - I'll get on with doing my bit to earn them :o)