Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Pills, (NHS) Bills and Bellyaches.

I've been pondering the events of this week which have become increasingly horrific since the Queen decided to rededicate herself to DOING HER JOB and proceeded to the sell-off of the NHS and today we've had what has widely been derided as a budget for toffs.

Now, I did Economics O level and Geography to A level so I feel more than qualified to comment on a Tory policy to resolve the economic crisis which is so cruel it makes Thatcher look soft. In fact I think the movie Iron Lady and all Govt decisions are designed to make her look like a slightly eccentric old battleaxe who deserves a state funeral, but I digress.

This is what I've noticed:

We are living in an ageing society which has caused a high dependency ratio (see I told you I did Geography A level !) so there are fewer people earning than necessary to pay for public services. The reason we have an ageing population is because people live longer thanks to medicine keeping people alive who would have died years ago.

So here is what is going on folks:

Dismantling the NHS will mean fewer people live into old age as they will be unable to afford the private health packages on offer. With the normal population balance returned we won't have these old folks wheezing on into old age draining the economy dry. We can also expect a return to the "Miss Polly had a dolly" chequebook school of medicine of Dickens' time.

Making retirement wholly unaffordable will mean people will have to stay on to work in old age - hence HRH holding firm to the armrests of her throne and putting two fingers up to Charles as she just knows he's going to pack her off into a home first chance he gets. My own mother still works full time despite being past retirement age as she cannot afford to live on the state pension. Both my parents also have long term health conditions which - if they have to pay to be treated - will be financially crippling.

What can we look forward to next ?

-  discounts on parachuting lessons for the over 70s ?

- compulsory firing squads for not paying your council tax ?

- taxing the rich who use tax avoidance schemes to not pay their share ?

Of course not, who'd think such ridiculous ideas could be taken seriously ?

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